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International Training

The International Fellowship Program is the SOBRAMFA's training program on Family Medicine for students, residents & doctors from anywhere in the world.

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See what our students have to say:

“My clinical experience in Family Medicine at SOBRAMFA was extremely rewarding and was of great value to my future career as a physician. I was able to see Family Medicine in Brazil in so many different contexts from ambulatory care, to in-hospital patients, long-term care facilities, Palliative Care and also home visits. The team was so passionate of the humanistic philosophy which Family Medicine is based on and that was extremely refreshing. All physicians were highly committed to excellence in the care of their patients while also being very attentive to the learning role of the medical students and provided valuable teaching with every patient encounter. It was an exciting rotation as well taking place in one of the most bustling metropolis of South America, São Paulo. I would highly recommend this program to fellow medical student looking for an invaluable experience in Family Medicine in Brazil.” read more >>

Wilson Ventura Chan

Who we are

Read the whole SOBRAMFA's history, through the article Family Medicine Education in Brazil: Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations.

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Annual Meeting

Every year, SOBRAMFA promotes its International Meeting. Click here for more info.

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